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Intellectual Property

"A person who makes an ingenious arrangement of wheels, levers and
springs and believes it civilisation."

From "The Devil's Dictionary"
Ambrose Bierce

As the greater part of corporate wealth becomes bound up in intangible assets and intellectual property, so this field becomes increasingly a focus for litigation, exploitation and management.

We have several areas of involvement in intellectual property matters.

- We provide expert and impartial advice in actions concerning the use and abuse of intellectual property assets, particularly infringement actions and damage enquiries.

- We also advise on licensing issues concerning both infringement actions and general commercial activities.

- We are also experienced in providing valuations for most categories of IP asset in a number of contexts.

- Finally, we are increasingly asked to advise on the maintenance, control and optimisation of intellectual property resources.

Our role is to provide the owners and users of intellectual property with the tools to evaluate options, take decisions and adopt all legal and commercial measures to make these assets work as hard as possible for the business.

Our approach to intellectual property management utilises accounting, economic, financial marketing, engineering, operations and strategic planning skills. By adopting such a comprehensive, well-grounded analytical approach we ensure that we provide the most meaningful information to management.

"An ingenious device for obtaining individual profit without individual responsibility."

From "The Devil's Dictionary"
Ambrose Bierce

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